Contractors large and small benefit greatly when having a group of advisors that specialize in bid situations. Most advisory groups consist of CPAs, commercial bankers, lawyers, insurance agents, and surety professionals. These advisors provide years of experience in corporate organization, financial planning, and successful bonding strategies.

Surety agents are key advisors in the entire process. They understand what is expected by both the organization requiring the bond and the surety underwriters. This understanding allows your agent to help in more ways than you may expect.

A Surety Professional:

  • Builds a long-term strategy to increase surety capacity to the next level.
  • Leverages the company’s past success and profitability to help secure bids and compete for larger, more profitable jobs.
  • Guides companies in continued bidding efforts to retain and grow the company’s working capital and net worth.
  • Puts forth a financial presentation that shows successful management of bonded work.
  • Works with company’s CPA in generating construction accounting financial statements in a form and format preferred by the surety underwriters.

Your dedicated surety agent will work hand in hand with your staff as you conclude your present work and turn your focus towards future jobs. If your interested in winning the next level contract, give us a call at 866-385-7760.