It’s easy to tell your customers that you will fulfill your contractual obligations. It’s also easy to tell them that you are trustworthy. But how about…

the solid assurance of a corporate surety’s guarantee that your work will be performed in a timely manner and your bills will be paid?

Backed by a Company with a Financial Interest

When your company is bonded, you are showing potential clients that you are worthy of the performance and payment guarantees of a surety company. It demonstrates not only that your business is worth backing, but that you proved to expert underwriters that you have:

  1. The experience and ability to successfully complete the customer’s contract
  2. Adequate finances & equipment
  3. An indication of good character  

Surety bonds create added comfort for clients. Bonding shows potential clients and their lenders that you are capable of guaranteeing your contract. A bond doesn’t just make you look good, it protects your clients and lenders against the possibility that you will breach the contract.

Following Legal Guidelines

In some industries, bonding is more than a source of reassurance. It is a regulatory requirement when contracting with City, County, State and Federal owners. If you want to expand in these public areas of business, surety support is critical.

Bonds for Growth

Bonds position your business to grow revenue in both the public and private sectors; not to mention the added edge over non-bonded competitors. 

Don’t just tell your customers that you can perform your contract. Show them with a bond!

For more information contact:

Zach Bradley